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Why choose us?

A known, working base

HTStaff was only launched after its base system was tried, tested, and improved over a 30 month period with SalonStaff, so you can know it works, well.

We get you maximum exposure

Rather than relying on a single source, we've worked on forging relationships that allow us to spread your job out across the web to give you maximum exposure and make sure your job is seen by the right people.

Currently, we advertise your ad our job board as well as on:

Simply Hired

and we're working on more relationships.

No other company, can rival that sort of exposure for your job.

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Feature packed

We provide you with a suite of tools to make your life easy. From draft jobs to cut down the time to post a job to mere minutes, to application management tools, we've got you covered.

Our application management system is the industry leader, and is constantly improving based on what makes sense, and common feedback from our current clients.

All the while, we guide you through the process to make it easy as pie.


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